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Every winter Alpine Ontario and area ski clubs host many races for U10 to U19 athletes that go above and beyond the usual team/9 week program. Some races are invitational where normally the top athletes from each club attend, whereas others are open to any athlete registered in Alpine Ontario (AOA). And there are other races that are set in other divisions (like Northern Division) that are worth considering for collecting Alpine Canada (ACA) points. Please talk to your child's coach to discuss any additional races you may wish to enquire about or consider for your athlete. Please respect the input of your coaches and Nikki and Rob for available space and if spaces are limited, who is selected to go. Normally for each race Jozo and all other clubs are given a limited number of boys and girls. However some races do have extra space for other athletes on the waiting list. Often these races do bring the top athletes in their respective age group together which will give you a better perspective on the skills that athletes are attaining.

You will be able to find races available on the AOA website.


Friday Training:

Jozo offers full day (9-3) gate training during the entire race season. Speak to Nikki at the race office to sign up and pay for your training days as needed. There is a cost associated to training. We normally see between 20 and 40 athletes every Friday at Jozo. It can be used as a great incentive for your athlete to do well in school and if your work schedule permits the time to attend. ALL racers must be able to get on and off the lifts by themselves.  Coaches do NOT accompany racers on the chairlifts.

For further details please contact:


Additional Training Camps:

Alpine Ontario also hosts several training camps over the winter to give athletes some additional training. These camps can be very beneficial because athletes train with new coaches and on new terrain. This offers new experiences and different coaching techniques to help improve their skills. See the the AOA website.


ACA Points and Results

Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) has a web based race result and scoring system that follows all registered athletes from U12 and above across Canada.  This is a handy resource for parents to follow up on race results and to understand ceding and point scoring for athletes.  At the U12 level only results are posted and athletes are not given points for race results (under the tab REC Results).  However all athletes at U14 and older are given national points for every race they attend (under the tab NATIONAL Results).  The scoring system is designed so that everyone starts with 999 points and as athletes compete they lower their points.  So the lower your points the better.  In U14 – Division 1 all races are ceded based on the aca points.  The top 15 athletes with the lowest points are normally placed in random order to start, then athletes in 16th to the end start based on their points in that discipline (GS, SL and SG).  At U16 both division 1 and division 2 races are ceded based on aca points.  Currently Alpine Ontario (AOA) also selects athletes for the Provincials based on their aca points in events that are chosen as qualifying events.  AOA averages the best GS and the best SL points for each athlete and selects how many can attend the Provincials.  AOA has 105 spaces for the provincials – which is roughly 55 boys and 50 girls.  The ratio of boys:girls is based on how many boys and girls are registered in qualifying races.  AOA publishes a list of all athletes who attended a qualifying event and updates it every 1-2 weeks through the season prior to the Provincials.

U14 and older race points – how are they calculated?  ACA has a set of rules and equations to determine the race points (called the ‘applied penalty’ points).  They have a second equation to calculate the extra points added to the applied penalty for the athletes that finished behind the winner of the race. The points are calculated based on the total winning time and how far the athlete was behind the winning time for that race.  The applied penalty points are based on an equation that uses the points from the best 5 athletes at the start of the race and the top 5 placing athletes in the race (i.e. first to 5th).  New U14 athletes normally start with 999, but top U14 by the end of season two normally have points in the 300-450 range.  U16 athletes drop further with top athletes being in the 150-300 range.

Athlete Profile – every athlete registered with AOA or other regional ski organizations is registered with ACA.  Every athlete has a card number and the card tracks all their races throughout the year and tracks their points from year to year.  The athlete’s points from each race are tracked and they are given their national points in each discipline.  National points are issued based on a single race point and then the average of their best two results moving forward in each discipline.  At the end of the season their national points are rolled into what is called Fall points prior to the new season.  You can find your son or daughters profile card at acapoints.ca by clicking on their name in a race result or by searching the site with their name.  Information on points, calculations and more can be found on the ACA website.


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