Welcome to another great season of racing with Jozo Weider Masters. The Jozo Masters team has been around for as long as the club has been in existence, and has enjoyed many wonderful years of performance, fun, and creating long lasting friendships.  Masters don’t just race for 1-2 years, many of us have been around from 15-24 years on the team. We have lost some to the private clubs, and gained some from other clubs, and in the end the raison d’etre is competitive fun and friendship.

Our team is made up of 27 committed Masters in a wide variety of ages. Masters in Canada can start as young as 18 and for many years we boasted one of the oldest Masters racers at 93 years of age (Ralph Hauge—has now retired from skiing and racing and has just turned 100!). Inspiration comes in many forms, and for us younger Masters (under 80 😉 ) we all aspired to be Ralph—especially the 20 year olds!

This year will be an interesting year as we start the year off with the Winter World Masters Games in Austria. There will be 8 current Jozo Masters attending and competing as well as 9 former Jozo Masters competing (61 Canadians in all, 38 from Ontario). Jozo’s has the largest representative of Masters from any club east of the rockies. The WWMG run from January 10-19 in Innsbruck, Austria.  We all know that ski racing is the Austrian national sport so it’s safe to say that the Austrians will put on some fabulous races for us.  There are 642 Masters registered for the alpine events (Canada has the 3rd largest contingent in alpine skiing) so each 5-year age class will be larger than we’ve ever experienced before.  It will certainly be a challenge for us all!!!  The disciplines included are SuperG, GS, and SL for all age classes.  We are hoping that someone may come home with hardware.  Please cheer on the following Jozo Weider Masters competing in these games… Paul Cater, Michael Church, Rich Deacon, Wendy Fursey, Michel Giroux, Terry Hanna, Denyse Houde, and Hannele Sundberg. For more information on these games, go to

We are also delighted to announce that 6 Jozo Weider Masters were named to the Canadian Masters Alpine Team.  The CMAT comprises 36 Masters from across the country—16 female & 20 male racers. Of the 16 female racers, 3 are from Ontario with the remaining from QC, BC and AB. All 3 from Ontario are with Jozo Weider. The following Masters were selected based on consistently good performance over numerous races of which at least 1 must be outside of Ontario.  In brackets are the age categories in which they compete.  Denyse Houde (70-74), Wendy Fursey (60-64), Hannele Sundberg (55-59), Michael Houde (75-79), Terry Hanna (65-69), Mike Southwood (50-54).

As for the remainder of the season… We are hosting a GS at Blue Mountain on Smart Alec on February 1st. We would love to see kids, parents, former racers, and everyone come and cheer us on.  Our abilities are wide ranging with some amazing racers (hard to believe some are in their 60’s and 70’s and 80’s), and well as younger whipper snappers who we all love to watch rip up the course.  Mark your calendars for FEBRUARY 1ST and come cheer us on. If you’d like to be a gatekeeper, we could use your help. We don’t have parents to do this for us.

If you’d like to follow us on a more regular basis, we have a “Jozo Masters” Facebook page JozoMasters, which includes highlights, schedules, training and fitness tips, and the not to be missed pictures.  Join us in celebrating “Sport for Life”.  For more information on Canadian Masters racing head to the website  For more information on Masters racing at Blue Mountain, please contact me, Wendy Fursey

Ski Fast! Ski Safe!


December 28, 2019